Solar Project Manager

Jay Nettleton

Meet Josh Beeson, a San Diego native and solar project manager who enjoys the sun in and outside of work.  Josh recently managed a project in Corcoran, CA, in which Quanta Solar Solutions, Distributed Generation (QSSDG), the solar division of Intermountain Electric, Inc., supplied the labor for the project.  Josh is located in southern California and has a diverse background with general construction and solar projects.  He brings over 17 years of construction experience, including a variety of solar photovoltaic installations to IME. 

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Director of Oil, Gas & Energy

David McLandsboroughMeet David McLandsborough, an experienced industry professional who was recently hired to drive the expansion of IME’s footprint in the Oil, Gas & Energy industry. David is our new Director of Oil, Gas & Energy, a position created to serve this rapidly expanding market. David comes from a background rooted in mechanical contracting and building automation. He entered the industry due to his love of building things and the pride in the tangible output that comes with being in construction.  He is excited to take on the position because he is inspired by the new opportunity it presents to build a business. A business that is part of a thriving company with great support and immense growth potential. 

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